May's ai portrait of lung cancer
headshot of may ogilvie

“My whole life felt as if I was living in darkness, but through my cancer journey, I realized there was a light…Jesus.”


I try not to let anything define me – my career, relationships, and finances – so I did not let my cancer diagnosis define me.

My name is My The Ogilvie. My friends and loved ones call me May. I am a first generation Vietnamese American. I grew up with a Buddhist practicing family. I have been blessed with a full life that includes my husband and our 3 ½ year old daughter. I am unapologetically me…Warrior…Wife…Mom…

In 2022, I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. A new young mom, and have never been a smoker. The diagnosis was a shock to me and my family. I sailed through multiple types of treatment and surgery, including having my lower right lung removed.

Although there are a lot of unknowns with cancer, in the midst of it all I was at peace. I found overwhelming joy and gratitude that poured out of me. I knew that this cancer was not going to win. Through my fight with cancer, I started to see the invisible web that God weaved in my life. It was too beautiful to deny.

While battling cancer, I was saved by Jesus Christ. Through my new faith in Him, I now know and understand that God has always been with me. Because of my strong belief and faith, my life, and the life of my husband and daughter, has been transformed. They are my witnesses that there is nothing to fear in this world, not even cancer.

I have since had 2 recurrences, but they have not shaken my faith. They have only fueled it. With my daughter’s future in mind and a deep desire to see her grow up, I’m sharing my story.

Help others better understand the experiences of those living with cancer.