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Henry Daubrez, a native of Namur, Belgium, is a husband, a father of two children, a creative director, and an artist. As the CEO of DOGSTUDIO/DEPT®, Henry leads an award-winning, multi-national team who have long stood at the leading edge of creativity and innovation, pushing the boundaries of digital art and creating immersive experiences that inspire emotional connections through the marriage of technology and visual storytelling.

Having witnessed the cancer journeys of both parents and several family members from a very young age, Henry has lived with the reality of cancer in his life for almost as long as he can remember. His own diagnosis came at age 40–shortly after relocating with his family to Salt Lake City, Utah–and in the midst of accepting this project, to illustrate the stories of cancer patients through AI-assisted digital portraits.

Now, in the wake of his own successful cancer surgery, Henry has only grown in his commitment to the faithful telling of these important stories of hope and survival. He considers himself honored to participate in this project and to have the opportunity to use his love of art and technology to share his own journey, as well as those of his fellow participants.