cancer survivor artwork made by AI
black and white photo of henry daubrez

“Everything went blurry, but in the chaos, there are extreme thoughts and feelings that are so sharp.”


Throughout my life, I’ve always been focused on what’s next. As a designer, I was always thinking about the next opportunity, project, and client. It served me well as I grew professionally and helped to build an internationally recognized team. But that all changed when I was diagnosed with cancer.

In that instant, I felt disconnected from my body. My life blurred. When I came back to myself, I couldn’t look ahead. I had to focus on the now.

When my parents were diagnosed with cancer when I was younger, I witnessed the highs and lows, but I remember we were mainly focused on the day the cancer would be gone. Ultimately, that day did not come, and I lost both of them to cancer.

With my own diagnosis, I knew it was important not to focus on when it would be gone, but what I needed to do to get through it – for myself and my family.

A year later, I’m living with no signs of cancer. While I still try to focus on continuing to grow my work as an artist and helping others share their cancer journeys, I’ve found a new sense of peace in the now. Living with my family of four in the canyons of Utah, I’ve been able to calm my anxieties and appreciate living life as it comes to me.


Help others better understand the experiences of those living with cancer.